Regular Events

Alongside parties and one-off events, we hold regular events in The Green Shed.

Local writer Nichola Charalambou runs the most wonderful monthly creative writing evenings called “Words and Wine” people travel from all over London as word has got out how good these evenings are.

Words and Wine Creative Writing

Local writer Nichola Charalambou has been running her creative writing evenings in the shed for about two years.

There’s wine and plenty of cheese & crackers.  They are lovely, lively evenings full of laughter and nice people. Some are regulars and there are always newcomers too who aren’t sure what to expect and are always glad they took the plunge. It’s friendly and welcoming and Nichola leads a few short writing exercises which are fun and not too serious. It’s completely non-competitive and no feedback or critique is given.  It’s a lovely warm atmosphere and you’ll be glad you came.

In May Nichola had a creative writing party in the shed to celebrate 10 years of her homegrown business “Creative Writes”.

Future dates include:

June, Thursday 27th, 8 pm – 10 pm
July, Wednesday 31st, 8 pm – 10 pm
August, Wednesday 31st, 8 pm – 10 pm

More to be confirmed soon…

Contact Nichola directly at

Sustainable Fashion and Sewing Workshops with Kim Elliott

I’ve met an amazing lady called Kim Elliott who is truly multi-talented. She’s also warm, friendly, funny, lively, charming and more and she’s an ace amazing at sewing having been a fashion designer for over 20 years.

Kim Elliott has been a freelance fashion designer, design consultant and senior designer for many years and was head of design at Monsoon and Coast. She has a BA in Fashion and Design and she’s very highly regarded in the industry.

Her passion is sustainable fashion and teaching creative, imaginative ways of sewing, repairing and reinventing clothes so as to have fun recreating what you already have and not to keep buying and throwing cheap clothes.

Kim did a course of children’s workshops over the Summer which were wonderful and she’s going to do a few more this September and October.

In the short time I’ve known her I’ve quickly gathered what ball of fun and lively energy she is (not in an annoying way).

She’s enthusiastic, approachable, smiley and very personable, as well as being multi-talented and highly skilled and trained. She has the children mesmerised and immersed in sewing, illustrations, embellishing, upcycling, hand sewing, sketching, whatever they want to to.

All the machines, fabric and trims are provided and you may also bring your own item of clothing to decorate or repurpose.

Most of all it’s fun and enjoyable and Kim is lovely to be around. Kim’s also going to be doing workshops for adults. 

Here are the dates:

After School Club

Ages 8 to 12 years
Mondays 4-6pm
September 23rd, 30th, October 7th and 14th.

Ages 8 to 12 years
Tuesdays 4-6pm
September 24th, October 1st, 8th and 15th.

Kids Saturday Club

8 to 12 years
10-12pm and/or 1-3pm
September 28th, October 5th, 12th, and 19th

Adults Saturday Club

Make Do And Mend
September 28th, October 5th, 12th and 19th

Adults Evening

Make Do And Mend
Tuesdays 7-9pm
September 24th, October 1st 

Half Term Dates

Ages 8 -12 years
Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd.

For more information and to book to Kim’s website

Women’s Circle

Sara Adler started running the Women’s Circles in the shed just over a year ago but she has many years experience and is also a Wilderness rites of passage guide.

They’re generally from 12 noon till about 6 pm and she asks for a donation rather than a fixed payment. She wants people to be able to come even if they can afford very little. Donations go in her jar so no one sees what’s been given.

It’s a really wonderful afternoon of sharing stories, eating vegetarian food which everyone brings and making something, as Sara usually instigates something fun.

It’s a very safe, and supportive environment and a creative space for women of all ages and all walks of life to chat, laugh and enjoy some time away from it all.

Sara is very calm, totally non-judgemental and creates a very inclusive and lovely atmosphere. People leave in a happier mood than when they arrive.

Future dates include:

October 26th, noon – 6 pm
February 1st, noon – 6 pm
March 21st, noon – 6 pm

More to be confirmed soon…

Contact Sara directly at

The Green Shed

1 Tetherdown, Muswell Hill, London, N10 1ND