Craft Parties

I run craft parties for children at weekends, all year round in The Green Shed.

The maximum number of children is 14, plus me and 3 or 4 adults depending on the ages of the children.

On arrival, they’ll all use a nice non-sticky hand sanitizer. There will just be me plus 3 or 4 adults. No one else, so as to keep it as airy and spacious as possible.

The heating will be on and the windows and doors will be kept open for maximum fresh air.

There’s now a large covered gazebo outside with chairs and a large sofa which the children love. 

Parents will be asked to wait outside when they collect their children at the end of the party. 

Children’s Craft Parties

2 hours.
A one-off flat fee of £55 for the space and £25 per child.

You won’t be charged for children who can’t come.

Ages 5/6 yrs upwards.

Children sit around the table and I help them make mini bunting with beautiful fabric and lots of lovely little embellishments. They also make a lavender bag each. There’s a bit of gluing but no sewing.

After about an hour of making they’re ready for food which is usually pizzas delivered from the lovely local pizzeria that you will have pre-ordered. You pay for that yourself, or you can bring small individual packed lunches. Then comes the birthday cake which you bring and they usually eat that there and then. Due to Covid, instead of a big cake with candles you can bring a cupcake each. The birthday child can have a candle in theirs to blow out, so as not to blow all over a big cake.

They take their bunting and lavender bags home in a big stripy paper bag so there’s no need for you to provide party bags. It’s nice though if you add a few sweets/bit of chocolate to each bag.

Depending on the ages of the children I’ll need one or two parents to stay and help (this helps keep the cost down as I don’t need staff and it’s also nice for the children to have some adults they know in the room).

You can bring a blue tooth speaker if you like with your child’s favourite music. It’s lovely when they all sing along. There are balloons in the Green Shed and it’s quite decorative so you won’t need to decorate it. The windows will be open and it’ll be nice and airy. It’s cool in Summer and doesn’t get stuffy. The Shed is heated and cosy in winter. I keep the windows open to allow good airflow.

It’s a ‘shoes off shed’ so children can bring slippers to wear if it’s a cold day. I’ve also got a basket of thick warm socks they can choose from to wear over their own socks if they like.

Children are allowed to go in the garden if there’s time, under the supervision of the adults. Quiet games such as Hide and Seek and Grandma’s Footsteps are fun and the children are asked to refrain from shouting and screaming as it’s a residential area. 

There’s a lovely covered seating area where children can sit outside, the swing seat is very popular. 

The parties are very relaxed, informal, great fun and the children go away with something lovely to take home.

Please note, I have an up to date DBS certificate and have had both COVID vaccines and will keep up to date with any others offered.

Children’s Workshops

2 hours.
A one-off flat fee of £55 for the space and £20 per child.

You won’t be charged for children who can’t come.

Ages 5/6 yrs upwards.

Your child and a few friends can come along to The Green Shed and I’ll help them make beautiful bunting, cards, lavender bags or pictures or a collage using my large collection of fabric and trimmings.

Children can also do a Scrapbook Session. See the sidebar for details.

It’s fun, informal, relaxed and they create at their own pace. They can be here for two to three hours, just tell me what times would suit you.

I do these parties at weekends and the maximum amount of children is 10.

These are good for children who are having a birthday but don’t want a big party. Or for no occasion at all.

Please note, I have an up to date DBS certificate.

Hire The Green Shed

If you would like to hire The Green Shed for your own event or meeting I’d be delighted to share the space.

The Green Shed

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